Order N Development

Order N Development

Offering software development expertise for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Throughout our company's history we've had to the pleasure of working on many different kinds of software development projects. A selection of those projects are listed below.

Recent Projects

  • Hearts Attack!

    Developed an iPhone game using Cocoa Touch and Core Animation from scratch to sell ourselves. Effort includes, design, implementation, and testing.

  • Marine Aquarium 2.6 for iPhone and iPad

    Developed a hugely popular iPhone screen art application using OpenGL and Cocoa Touch for Prolific Publishing, Inc.

  • CREDANT CMG Enterprise Edition for Mac

    Developed a Mac security application for a client using a disk driver filter kernel extension, Cocoa, and shell scripting.

  • [REDACTED] iPhone App

    Developed a photo editing and management app using Cocoa Touch for a large client. Includes basic image editing, online photo gallery, and photo uploading.

  • LifeGlobe Goldfish Aquarium

    Developed both the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the screensaver for Prolific Publishing by rewriting the Windows version using OpenGL, shaders, and Cocoa.

  • SereneScreen Marine Aquarium

    Developed all Mac versions, 1.0 through 3.0, of the immensely popular screensaver for Prolific Publishing by rewriting the Windows version using OpenGL, shaders, and Cocoa.

  • H&R Block TaxCut

    Contracted to implement features for the tax preparation software using Cocoa and WebKit, and to fix bugs.

  • Mindjet MindManager

    Contracted to help develop the first Macintosh version of the mind mapping software using Cocoa.

  • Game Development

    Developed several popular commercial games by porting them from Windows to the Mac, including Slingo Quest, Zuma, Bejeweled 2, Bookworm, Jewel Quest I, II, and III, Boggle and Mah Jong Quest.

  • LearnStar SmartTRAX 8.0

    Developed the Mac version of a suite of educational achievement testing applications using Cocoa and C++.

Older Projects

  • PC Gradebook

    Developed the educational software application with C++ and Carbon by porting the Windows product.

  • [REDACTED] Mac App #1

    Ported a large (~2 million loc) web development application to Xcode and then to Intel. Also converted it to use Quartz instead of QuickDraw, as well as fixing many bugs.

  • [REDACTED] Mac App #2

    Contracted to fix bugs on a large (~10 million loc) Mac office application suite.

  • Macromedia Fireworks

    Contracted to implement a digital right management system, and to perform general bug fixing on this web graphics application.

  • Macromedia FreeHand

    Contracted to improve performance, reliability, and functionality for this vector graphics application.

Before there was time...

Before Order N Development even existed, its members have been creating fine Macintosh software. If you have ever used the Macintosh applications Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver, or FreeHand, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook Express or Entourage, Aldus Persuasion, or if you've used ClarisWorks 4.0 for Windows then you have used products our team members have been key contributors on.